FH-Covers-for-WebsiteThe warm weather and green grass across the Ozarks can mean only one thing – summer is here. When summer rolls around each year it also means we are hard at work finishing up our annual Farm Hand Ag Resource Directory. We’ve spent several months compiling all of the information and checking it for accuracy in order to bring you a valuable product you can use throughout the year.

The Farm Hand Ag Resource Directory was designed and built to be a valuable tool for farmers across southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.  We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time getting not only the contact information and addresses for every ag business we could find in our coverage area, but also to find out what products and services each of those companies provides.

If you see a listings that says “featured” on the top of it, that business was an advertiser in the print edition of the Farm Hand Ag Resource Directory and without them none of this would exist.  Be sure to stop in and let the advertisers know you appreciate their support, without them we wouldn’t be able to put this directory together. We made this Farm Hand for you, and we hope it will stimulate the Ozarks agricultural economy. There’s no better way to improve our own economy than to shop with our local businesses.

Thanks again to all the advertisers and to you, our loyal readers. We couldn’t do this without you.


Eric Tietze